Transparency, a Fuel Wise core value, enhances the value of accountability when all parties can double check and verify the data they have been provided.

By publishing our working formulas, Fuel Wise allows all parties to provide feedback to improve the formulas and ensure they are meeting the needs of all parties. By using the fuel data as regularly posted by Statistics Canada and by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, all information provided to our subscribers can be verified at any time by parties who may wish to do so.

This level of transparency flies in the face of what has long been a deeply held secret within the industry. A lack of transparency removes accountability and allows companies to do whatever they want with little to no consequences. Many shippers have expressed concerns about the general answers they have received that skirt their questions around fuel surcharge calculations and implementation.

The transparency offered by Fuel Wise ensures the fuel surcharge is doing what it was originally created for; to be a win-win tool that works for the benefit of both the shipper and carrier as partners in the supply chain.