Accountability, another of the Fuel Wise core values, provides peace of mind and ensures a fair and level playing field for all parties.

The traditional fuel surcharge system, a simple line item on the freight invoice that may or may not change from week to week, an added charge that can be vastly different from vendor to vendor, is broken because shippers have seen it abused by unscrupulous carriers who have used it as a cash cow to increase revenues independent of the price of diesel. The lack of accountability inherent in the traditional, carrier managed system, has created distrust and frustration.

With carriers all charging their own fuel surcharges, and amending them at different times and rates from their competitors, shippers are unable to do an apples to apples comparison when choosing their carrier partners. Shippers feel the constant need to double check both the freight rate and the current fuel surcharge which adds administrative expense both to the shipper and the carrier who takes the time to respond to these legitimate concerns.

Following the best practice, of a 3rd party managed fuel surcharge, is the best means of establishing the highest levels of accountability. All parties recognize added value and peace of mind knowing that the surcharge is not being controlled by a party that has a vested interest. The 3rd party managed fuel surcharges have proven to provide the most fair and balanced approach for both shippers and carriers.